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Mr. Go Movie at SM Cinema Exclusives Starts October 16

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Mr. Go, a must see movie for the whole family

Mr Go is a heart-warming Korean film (dubbed in English) which tells the story of a young girl named Wei Wei and her bat swinging gorilla Ling Ling.  After the death of Wei Wei’s great grandfather during the great Sichuan Earthquake, Wei Wei was left with a huge amount of debt. In order to pay off that debt, a loan shark threatened to sell Ling Ling.  But since Wei Wei’s only family left was Ling Ling she was forced to allow the Korean Football club Doosan to scout Ling Ling.  Not long enough, Ling Ling became a huge hit to football fans for his excellent single-handed swing which has scored the team a miraculous winning streak.  Wei Wei and Doosan’s sports Agent Sung got so blinded by the success that they have totally forgotten about Ling Ling’s worsening knee injury.

Showdate: October 16, 2013

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