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The Aristocrat Food Tour Part 2 – Ultimart Branch: Home of the Best BBQ in Town

After having breakfast at Aristocrat Malate, we headed toward the South to Laguna. Travelling by car with Ms. Sylvia Reyes, one of the granddaughters of Lola Asiang who originally founded Aristocrat, the trip was enjoyable while we bloggers interviewed her and she interviewed us.

We arrived at our destination, the Ultimart branch of Aristocrat in the heart of San Pablo City, Laguna.

Photo of the Ultimart branch of Aristocrat Restaurant in San Pablo Laguna

Upon settling down, we were served with the Aristocrat Iced Tea. It’s their house blend and they menu mentions “sweetened by lemon”. It’s refreshing but a bit sweet for a starting drink. I had a sip and had it later during/after the lunch. It’s a must try! I think they use brown/muscovado sugar that gives it a nice non-conventional taste which I love. I like their presentation as well with the crushed ice floating on top making it visually refreshing as well.

Photo of a glass of Aristocrat Iced Tea
Aristocrat Iced Tea – P70

Soup and Starters

Photo of Hototai soup from Aristocrat Restaurant
Hototai Soup – P250

We started with the Filipino-Chinese Hototai soup, a rich chicken broth based soup with chicken, pork, egg, shrimp, and vegetables. A good way to start the meal. An order can easily serve 3-5 people.

Photos of Lumpiang Shanghai from Aristocrat Restaurant
Lumpiang Shanghai – P260

A favorite Filipino starters, Lumpiang Shanghai, was next in the line-up. Their version is quite meaty and thick. It’s serve with achara (filipino pickle) and sweet and sour sauce for dipping.

Barbeque (BBQ)

The Aristocrat has been famous as far as I can remember for their Barbeque Chicken. And for our lunch, these various Barbeque dishes are the main course.

All the Barbeque meals includes:

  • Aristocrat Java Rice
  • Java Sauce (termed also as the love sauce)
  • Achara (pickled papaya)

Here are the various types of Barbeque that you can order:

Photo of Pork Barbeque at the Aristocrat Restaurant
Pork Barbeque – P 175
Photo of Pork Spareribs Barbeque at the Aristocrat Restaurant
Pork Spareribs Barbeque Whole – P345, Half – 195
Photo of 3 Pieces Chicken Barbeque from Aristocrat Restaurant
3 Pieces Chicken Barbeque – P 195 (2 Pcs – P155)
Boneless Chicken Barbeque – P170

My favorite is the Pork Barbeque. The meat is quick thick like a kebab and not just slices like you get elsewhere. It really goes well with the atchara. The perfect combination! I tried the Java sauce, it’s also quite good but I still prefer the atchara with the BBQ.

I find the boned version much tastier than the boneless version. Must be the bones 🙂 Of couse, if more convenient to eat the boneless version with the cutleries. However, the best way to eat the chicken barbeque is with your barehands to get the max out of the chicken. Finger-lickingly good!

With a great lunch at the Artistocrat Ultimart Branch, it’s definitely home of the best BBQ in town!

If you are passing through Laguna visiting Liliw, Nagcarlan Church, the seven lakes or other Laguna tourist spots, this place is an ideal stop-over for lunch, dinner or even for a snack!

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